Started on January 2015

For that first year, it was just a vision. I shared my idea through word of mouth. People told me the world needed this and that encouraged me. My vision grew bigger as more and more ideas flooded out of me. I had too much to express. As a result I created a poster with visuals and a handout to explain every detail. I took these materials to portray my idea to groups around St. Louis. With only two talks I gained 30 sign ups.


Created on June 2016

I bought the domain and got to work. I did not know where to begin, but I knew I wanted this to manifest. I had a lot of projects with a common mission of harmony. Ripple of Existence is the nameĀ I chose to hold all those projects like Harmony Connect, Off TheBeaten Path, Conscious Guardians, Twin Peaks STL, and others.


Launched in November 2016

Harmony Connect launched and is available worldwide on November 1st, 2016



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